Thomas-Pluch Script Prize 2009  

Drehbuchverband AUSTRIA in cooperation with the Diagonale donated by the Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture

Thomas-Pluch Script Prize 2009 for the best filmed script by an Austrian author (or author permanently located in Austria) for a full-length feature film. € 11,000

Jury 2009
Viola Jäger (Producer, Olga Film, DE)
Christoph Fromm (Scriptwriter, Chairman of the department for scriptwriting – Filmacademy
Ludwigsburg, DE)
Karl Markovics (Actor, AT)

Winner: Ein Augenblick Freiheit, by Arash T. Riahi

Thomas-Pluch Script Prize 2009 for the two best scripts from new authors of at least 20 minutes in length.
€ 5,500 each

Jury 2009
Christa Auderlitzky (Film Curator, AT)
Hubert Canaval (Filmmaker, Academic at Filmacademy Vienna, AT)
Ernst Gossner (Award Winner 2008, Director, AT)

Alexander Stecher, Das große Glück sozusagen

Katharina Mückstein, Die Vereinigung
Severin Fiala/Ulrike Putzer, Elefantenhaut