Diagonale Prize for Innovative Cinema 

Best innovative experimental, animated or short film 2008/2009
€ 6,000, donated by Graz City Kulturressor
Services worth € 4.500, donated by Golden Girls Filmproduktion

Jury 2009
Reinhard Braun (Author und Curator, AT)
Eve Heller Tscherkassky (Filmmaker, US/AT)
Maria Morata (Curator/Programmer Film/Video, ES/DE)
The prize money is given to the director of the film, the non-cash prize goes to the film's production company. All Austrian experimental, animated or innovative short films presented in the Diagonale 2009 programme are eligible for the Diagonale Innovative Cinema Prize.

The trophies for the Grand Diagonale Prize for Feature Film, Documentary Film and Innovative Cinema prize winners were created by Burghardt Scherz, in cooperation with CIS
Creative Industries Styria.

*An Austrian film is defined according to the Diagonale rules as one where the director is an Austrian citizen and/or lives in Austria and/or one produced by an Austrian production
company (majority Austrian financing, in the case of co-productions). Only films produced with minority Austrian financing by directors who do not live in Austria and/or are not Austrian
citizens, as well as television productions which are not intended for commercial cinema release are excluded from competition.

Michael Palm, Laws of Physics (AT 2008, 15 min.)