A History of Austrian Animated Films  

Presented by Filmarchiv Austria and ASIFA Austria

In cooperation with ASIFA Austria, Filmarchiv Austria presents six research project programmes under the same name, as part of Diagonale 2009
(Curators: Robert Buchschwenter, Sabine Groschup, Mara Mattuschka, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Thomas Renoldner).

Starting with a thorough research of the materials the project develops an overview of the production history of this genre. This information forms the basis for phased work on exploitation and release. Within the framework of Diagonale 2009 this project opens the first window – six programmes are to be shown, which suggest a revision and relocation of animated filmmaking in Austria as an art where each image can stand alone. In a follow-on step, a book is planned which is also to be presented as part of an extensive tribute.

Wednesday, 18th March, 4.00 pm, augartenkino kiz
Programme 1: Schöpfungsgeschichten
(approx. 70 min)

Schöpfungsgeschichte Unknown (AT 1925, 5 min)
Art Education by Maria Lassnig (AT 1976, 16 min)
Wiener Bilderbogen Nr. 1 by Louis Seel (AT 1926, 5 min)
Dicht hinter der Tür by Richard Fehsl (AT 1984, 2 min)
Adeg by Martin Bauer (AT 1962, 2 min)
Das Hammerbrot Schlaraffenland by Karl Thomas and Bruno Wozak (AT 1937, 5 min)
Hands up, Mr. Rasnitchi! by Hal Clay and Flo Nordhoff (AT/DE 1967, 10 min)
All people is plastic by Harald Hund (AT 2005, 12 min)
Nina kann die Welt bewegen by Doris Prliç (AT 2004, 4 min)
LOOPS oo + 1 = oo, Opus 8 by Iby-Jolande Varga (AT 2007, 10 min)

Thursday, 19th March, 4.00 pm, augartenkino kiz
Programme 2: Übers-Ich
(approx. 60 min)

Selfportrait by Maria Lassnig (AT 1971, 5 min)
Ich bin traurig by Didi Bruckmayr (AT 2004, 5 min)
Sw-Ego by Leo Schatzl (AT 1989, 4 min)
2/60 48 Köpfe aus dem Szondi-Test by Kurt Kren (AT 1960, 4 min)
Pinocchio by Martin Reinhart (AT 2000, 1 min)
Club by James Clay (AT 1986, 5 min)
Vivus funeratus by Stefan Stratil (AT 1992, 5 min)
Wieder Holung by Nana Swiczinsky (AT 1997, 8 min)
Die Geburt der Venus by Moucle Blackout (AT 1970–1972, 5 min)
Kaspar by Monika Wibmer (AT 1988, 7 min)
Copy Shop by Virgil Widrich (AT 2001, 12 min)

Thursday, 19th March, 9.00 pm, augartenkino kiz
Programme 3: Elementarteilchen
(approx. 72 min)

Hors d’Oeuvre by Renate Kordon (AT 1981, 5 min)
Void.seqz 5 by Annja Krautgasser [n:ja] (2006, 5 min)
36 by Norbert Pfaffenbichler und Lotte Schreiber (AT 2001, 4 min)
Phi – der Goldene Schnitt by Alexander Curtis (AT 1990, 5 min)
Duocity by Ulf Staeger (AT 1994, 5 min)
Bouillon by Martina Senn (AT 2005/2006, 6 min)
Minimals by Leopold Maurer (AT 2005, 11 min)
Flaschko – der Mann in der Heizdecke (Episode 1–3) v. Nicolas Mahler (AT 2002, 5 min)
Points of view by Nana Swiczinsky (AT 1999, 6 min)
Feuerhaus by Bärbel Neubauer (AT 1998, 6 min)
Polyfilm by Bady Minck (AT 1994, 1 min)
Ausgestopfte Tiere bewegen sich by Norbert Trummer (AT 2005, 2 min)
Devine by Franz Blaas und Peter Hauenschild (AT 2002, 3 min)
Super-8-Girl Games by Ursula Pürrer und Hans Scheirl (AT 1985, 2 min)
Salome in Low Land by Christian Zagler (AT 2006, 11 min)

Friday, 20 March, 6.30 pm, augartenkino kiz
Programme 4: Käpt’n Musik
(approx. 71 min)

Philips „Lichtspiele“ by Hans Albala (AT 1963, 20 min)
Philips „Produkte“ by Hans Albala (AT 1963, 30 min)
Humanic Varese by Hans Albala (AT 1959, 2 min)
Bunt by Thomas Renoldner (AT 1991, 5 min)
Pique-Nique by Martin Anibas (AT 2002, 5 min)
Sonata per Guitarra Electrica by Muki Pakesch (AT 1988, 6 min)
Das Sein und das Nichts by Bady Minck (AT 2008, 10 min)
Käpt’n Knödl im Dreck by Georg Dienz, Pepi Öttl, Thomas Renoldner und Nana
Swiczinsky (AT 1993, 3 min)
Don’t touch me when I start to feel safe by Brigitta Bödenauer (AT 2003, 5 min)
Bled by Siegfried A. Fruhauf (AT 2007, 3 min)
Hold Us Down by Susi Jirkuff (AT 2005, 6 min)
The_future_of_human_containment by Michaela Schwentner (AT 2001, 5 min)
Zócalo by Thomas Steiner (AT 1997, 6 min)
I’m a Star by Stefan Stratil (AT 2002, 6 min)
Carmen by Bruno Wozak (AT 1937, 10 min)

Saturday, 21st March, 4.00 pm, augartenkino kiz
Programme 5: Erotoskopie
(approx. 69 min)

26/71 Zeichenfilm – Balzac und das Auge Gottes by Kurt Kren (AT 1971, 1 min)
Aus der Luft gegriffen by Tone Fink (AT 1983, 11 min)
Liebe by Sabine Groschup (AT 1988, 3 min)
Yin Yang by Sabine Pleyel (AT 2005, 3 min)
Wie wir leben by Niki Jantsch (AT 2006, 5 min)
Kurzes Leben by Johanna Freise und Daniel Suljic (AT 2007, 8 min)
mobitel mania by Darko Vidackovic (AT 2007, 6 min)
Amaranta. Aus den Memoiren des berühmten Detektivs Harry Packs by Ladislaus
Tuszynski (AT 1921, 18 min)
Wer Sorgen hat… by Traum & Maier (AT 1958, 2 min)
Blunz’nfilm by Martin Bauer (AT 1964, 3 min)
Mao Tse Tung, Band II by Heimo Wallner (AT 2001, 10 min)
Les Miserables by Mara Mattuschka (AT 1987, 2 min)

Sunday, 22nd of March, 1.30 pm, augartenkino kiz
Programme 6: The Show Must Go On
(approx. 64 min)

Evening star by Daniel Suljic (AT 1993, 5 min)
Wiener Wuast/Vienna Mix by Maya Yonesho (AT 2006, 5 min)
Dianthus by Karø Goldt (AT 2008, 5 min)
Bett by Susi Praglowski (AT 1985, 2 min)
Die Leiberl der Barbara Wilding v. Eva Hausberger und Barbara Wilding (AT 2004, 1 min)
Bomb! by Thomas Aigelsreiter (AT 2002, 4 min)
A Star by Gideon Koval (AT 2002, 11 min)
Das Geheimnis der grauen Zellen by Stefan Stratil (AT 1986, 10 min)
TV-Montezuma by Peter Putz (AT 1988, 4 min)
Die Jagd by Josef Nermuth und Paul Braunsteiner (AT 1991, 4 min)
Im Gehäuse by Wolfgang Georgsdorf (AT 1981, 7 min)
Herr Bar by Clemens Kogler (AT 2007, 3 min)
Tele-Dialog by Veronika Schubert (AT 2005, 6 min)